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Containment solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Originally used for grain bins the history of secondary containment in the oil and gas industry has agricultural roots.  When the provincial governments started demanding that produces find a way to protect the environment from tank failure secondary containment was born.  The round corrugated steel walls often used for grain storage were the perfect solution, combined with an impermeable containment liner and zero ground disturbance containment was born.



TCA crews are experts at setting up, tearing down, and repairing secondary containment.   Whether it be our own unit or from a competitor we can supply the crew, liner, and expertise to get your secondary containment back up to code.

New installs with materials delivered, relocation from one site to another, expanding an existing containment, or repairing a damaged system including liner replacement. TCA services all of western Canada's oil and gas sector from south west Manitoba to north west British Columbia.



Constructed of 16 gauge galvanized corrugated steel, our zero ground disturbance secondary containment systems have set the industry standard. 

  • Fully customizable size and shape
  • Meets or exceeds all provincial regulations
  • 4 and 6 bolt construction for the industries fastest assembly

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Polyethylene containment liners are the most commonly used material for containment liners in western Canada's oil industry.  Their durability in all weather conditions, high chemical resistance, and UV resistance are coveted features for secondary containment systems. 

Geotextile fabrics play a crucial role in protecting the liner from punctions that could be caused by debris, sharp rocks, and other elements that could compromise the liner material.

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Popular accessories for above ground secondary containment include:

  • Crossover stairs and Ladders
  • Tank foundations
  • Access panel doors
  • Pipe penetration boots
  • Sump
  • Leak detection