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Water management and ground stabilization solutions

The construction industry uses geomembrane liners and geotextile fabrics for water management, filtrations, and stabilization.  Primarily used in landscaping and road construction, fabrics and liners offer engineers solutions when the environment doesn't facilitate the needs of the project.



TCA offers supply and install services for the construction industry.  Not only offering geomembrane liners and geotextile fabrics, but also PVC pipe welding where needed. 

Contact a containment specialist for your never civil construction project.



Through our network of suppliers, TCA has access to some of the most innovative technologies in road construction stabilizing geotextiles.  

Engineered products for both paved road construction and gravel roads, as well as, drainage, mining, and logging roads. 

Erosion Control & Sediment Control solutions keep soil and seed on construction sites where it is needed and out of storm sewers, nature’s drainages, and waterways.

When dealing with slopes they can present serious vegetation, erosion and sediment control challenges. In addition to the effects of runoff and the need to protect wildlife, many projects face issues surrounding aesthetics.

When shaping a landscaping project the need to control soil and water requires liners and fabrics under the surface to help keep everything in place.  Lightweight polyethylene liners are used in landscaping projects because of their flexibility.