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Primary containment for freshwater and wastewater ponds

Geomembrane liners have been used in pond applications for decades and are a viable economical solution for containment of hazardous and nonhazardous liquids. Liner durability against weather, UV exposure, chemical exposure, and temperature fluctuations has increased in performance along with the quality and workmanship of the installation. Pond lining is one of the most common applications for geomembrane use.




We provide geomembrane liner installation, design assistance, fabrication and construction services for containment applications.



Geomembranes can be used as a primary containment barrier for high-temperature liquids.
Geomembranes designed specifically for fresh water storage help reduce algae formation.
Secondary containment systems for fuel storage protect livestock and groundwater from contamination in the case of leaks. 

FrequentlyAsked Questions

The liner thickness must not be less than 60 mils (60/1000 inches).

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High-density polyethylene, or HDPE, is a durable liner material that is the best choice for most wastewater storage. It offers a mixed range of chemical resistance. For exposed areas be sure to use UV resistant HDPE to prevent turning brittle or cracking in extreme conditions.