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About The Containment Answer

The Containment Answer (TCA)is a full service secondary containment provider to the Canadian Agriculture, Earthworks, Engineering, and Oil & Gas Industries. We offer a complete selection of engineered steel containment solutions for various sizes of storage tanks and vessels. We also provide various types of geomembrane liners and geotextile fabrics for secondary containment applications as well as construction projects. These applications range from aboveground storage containment to fresh water ponds, stormwater ponds, retention ponds and roads, erosion control, and drainage systems.


The Containment Answer assists you all the way through design assistance, fabrication, installation, and construction services to give you the best industry compliant and cost effective containment solutions. Furthermore, we provide plastic welding and solutions for all industries. TCA has teamed with a southern Alberta manufacturing company to develop our own line of secondary containment systems. All components of the system will be manufactured in Western Canada by our skilled labour force based out of Alberta. Local manufacturing allows us to control costs as well as constantly improve upon the system.

TCA’s local manufacturing agreement means a quick turnaround time from order to installation. No more backorders or wait times to delay your site construction. With the help of the engineering department we can design site specific containment solutions for the most difficult of projects.

TCA offers professional installation of all of our secondary containment systems as well as liner installations and repairs. We fabricate and stock liners in Taber as well as our other warehouses to provide the customer with fast and efficient service.

With independent dealers as well as TCA stocked warehouses in key areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta, we are one of the leading distributors of secondary containment systems in Western Canada.