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About The Containment Answer

The Containment Answer (TCA)is a full service secondary containment provider to the Canadian Agriculture, Earthworks, Engineering, and Oil & Gas Industries. We offer a complete selection of engineered steel containment solutions for various sizes of storage tanks and vessels. We also provide various types of geomembrane liners and geotextile fabrics for secondary containment applications as well as construction projects. These applications range from aboveground storage containment to fresh water ponds, stormwater ponds, retention ponds and roads, erosion control, and drainage systems.


Agriculture Sector

Agriculture Sector

Geomembrane solutions are the perfect storage solution for fresh water and wastewater ponds.

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Construction Sector

Construction Sector

Geosynthetic solutions are essential to the construction of civil engineering for roads, water, and sewage systems.

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Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Geosynthetic solutions protect soils, groundwater, and surface water against the harshest contaminants.

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Our containment specialist are waiting to help you choose the right containment system for you needs. 


Project Management Solutions

Starting a new containment project can be confusing.  With environmental regulations and engineering involved in the process knowing where to begin is not always clear. With more than 20 years experience in the containment business, The Containment Answer knows exactly what you need. 

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Products and Services

TCA offers advanced geomembranes that can be used as a primary containment barrier for high temperature liquids and provide outstanding chemical compatibility. We provide geomembrane liner installation, design assistance, fabrication and con-struction services for containment applications.

PE Liners
Landscape Fabric
Containment Walls
Road Construction

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